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Live With Kindness

because there's a little angel in all of us

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The Movement: #WithKindness

2 Moms. 2 Daughters. 4 Hearts. 1 Mission

we are a social enterprise empowering a global movement for a kinder world with products and services that reinforce our message and pay it forward #withkindness

when you buy Angel Love products, you communicate kindness

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Movement Collection: Anti-Sex-Trafficking

10% of gross profit from this collection will go to 6 leading charities tackling sex trafficking!  Learn more....

Our Mission

To spread kindness through wearable, shareable, charitable products and to offer our angel community a single source solution for kind living

Our Vision

We aim to disrupt negativity #WithKindness. We plan to do this by providing a clear and actionable ROK (Return on Kindness) model that empowers kind living. We commit to deliver exceptional offerings to you under one heavenly platform.  Prepare to be inspired and transformed. We call this “the halo effect”

The Latest From Our Blog

The Comparison Complex #bekindtoyourself

The Comparison Complex #bekindtoyourself

Halo Angels,   Comparing yourself to someone else will begin to destroy you and deteriorate your own self worth. In this day of age, soci...
The Humanity Crisis: An Urgent Appeal to #saveourplanet

The Humanity Crisis: An Urgent Appeal to #saveourplanet

Halo Angels,     We're facing a crisis of humanity not only in how we treat each other but also in how we treat earth. There's a lot of science ou...
'All That Bad Is Going To Mean Something:’ A New Chapter In Survivor-Led Care #endsextrafficking

'All That Bad Is Going To Mean Something:’ A New Chapter In Survivor-Led Care #endsextrafficking

Halo Angels,   It’s an understatement to say that from the day she was born Jill Wilson’s life has been extremely tough. Her mother, who had her ...


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