Halo Angels <3

Here is the story behind us and our brand:

Angel Love is the passion project of 3 Moms, 3 Daughters, 6 hearts, 1 mission: to spread kindness through wearable, shareable, charitable products and to offer our angel community a single source solution for kind living.

The idea came to us while eating macaroons and cupcakes at trendy artisanal pastry place Bobbette & Belle in Leslieville, Toronto– a nice Mom and Daughter thing to do. We enjoyed our outings there because it made us feel good. Ok, the sugar rush helped too! Why did we want to feel good? It can be hard to wake up to so much bad stuff happening to people everywhere around the globe. It got us thinking about how we could change that. The problem was that cruelty seemed to get more press and energy these days than kindness. Why not put the focus on kindness instead and make that a viral lifestyle choice?

The Angel Love Team ♥

In a world dominated by negative news and widespread suffering, we wanted to find a simple and empowering solution to crush cruelty with kindness. If you haven’t heard yet, kindness IS the new cool.

"Our response to this violence must be to come closer together, to help each other, to love more and to love more kindly and generously than we did before”

Ariana Grande

Angel Love was created as a unique lifestyle brand to sell, support and share kindness in three ways:

  • We design, collaborate on and promote products & apparel to sell online (The Shop) that reinforce kind living – products made with love for the angelically hip
  • We give 10% of all net sales proceeds to charities that support kindness – when you support our products, we support charities that support kindness
  • We offer a free to join (subscribe via our homepage) movement and network that inspires acts of kindness through positive sharing to create sustainable change – empowering kindness instead of cruelty, powered by angels

be an angel: life is kind when we are kind together