#mankind Wall

 *Our #mankind model, Shawn Strong, is a model for mankind

It's time we celebrated all the good guys out there, the ones who do their best to lead with kindness in every aspect of their life (at work, in their relationships, in their communities) and contribute to a better world, starting with their own at home.

Who says that cool can't be kind too? Kindness doesn't have a specific look or colour. It can exist in every man and that makes kindness the most powerful possibility for the future of mankind so we're here to recognize that, one good guy at a time.

This #mankind wall is reserved for the good guys only and we have a few ground rules that need to be met in order for a guy to be nominated for a #mankind t-shirt and wear it. Here they are:

1. He has to be kind, not perfect, but perfectly kind at the core. Everyone makes mistakes but good guys own them, apologize sincerely for them, make amends for them and try not to repeat them.

2. Fakes and phonies. We've all come across the manipulative narcissist who really isn't kind at all but just pretends to be in order to win you over to gain something. You know who we're talking about. Some are so slick that they'll repeat a lie three times so you receive it as truth and then they'll tell you that the negative feedback you're hearing about them is "fake news". Those guys don't get to wear this t-shirt.

3. Good guys are good to women. It's really that simple. A great litmus test is how they treat their Moms and sisters (if they have any). It's a red flag if they're disrespectful; it's a "run for the hills" if they're worse.

4. Good guys stand for equality without discrimination.

5. Good guys know that power comes not from oppression and force against someone's will but by the strength of kindness, empathy and compassion they give to others and inspire in others. 

Merriam Webster dictionary defines a good guy to be "a morally correct person: a hero". Who's your hero?

Take part in our instagram "Tag You're It" campaign by nominating a good guy. Buy him a t-shirt or get him to buy one (a portion of the sales proceeds will be directed equally to all the charities listed on the Movement t-shirt page at checkout in The Shop - automatically paying kindness forward) and get him to post a pic wearing the #mankind t-shirt using the hashtags #mankind #oneofthegoodguys. Tell us if he is single by adding the hashtag #single (we might play cupid with an angel in our network).

To start it off, we're going to identify a few picks of our own. First to mind is our very own homegrown Canadian boy Drake. His "God's Plan" video release is a heavenly match for us at Angel Love. Not only does he rock kindness but man does he ever make it cool. Yup, he's a hella good guy!

We have a Worthy30 list of other good guys that we're going to nominate in the months leading up to World Kindness Day: November 13th, 2018. Stay tuned as the "Tag You're It" campaign rolls out. You can catch their pics on our @mankindformankind instagram page dedicated to guys and kind living.