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Achieving ROK (Return on Kindness) - How We Plan to Elevate Kind Living

You’re probably thinking that kindness is just an abstract idea, that you can’t mobilize it. Empirical data and science tells us otherwise but because the human brain has a predisposed negativity bias, you can’t see that. You are too sensitive to anticipating bad news and danger as a result of an evolutionary process of survival, not to mention the weight of the world operating on you with all of the negative headlines, terrorism, violence, inhumanity and fear it currently puts out. To counter that negativity tilt from our brains, we need frequent, small, positive experiences to shift our mindset towards happiness. Happiness researcher, Shawn Achor, has demonstrated through extensive research that if you choose to do a kind act for 2 minutes a day over 21 days, you can actually retrain your brain to be positive.   

So, our case to you is to spend some time with us and experience how our offerings can move you towards kind living.


We Commit To: 

be the certified platform and marketplace for kind products that meet socially responsible and ethical manufacturing guidelines showcase collaborations with designers for limited edition capsule collections that respect the art of haute couture design instead of fast fashion pay kindness forward by giving 10% of gross profit from The Shop to a list of chosen charities that support our key pillars of community investment for high social impact create a safe and positive social network for girls and women to share ideas, provide mentorship, ask for help and encourage sustainable outcomes build angel squads around the world to create volunteer, female forces of good offer exclusive services that enhance kind living online and offline through strategic partnerships in wellness and personal development be the purveyor of good news and invite inspirational, virtual experts to video share their success and wisdom deliver exclusive promotions, contests, content, experiences that engage our angel community mobilize the largest movement of kindness deliver the exceptional   

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