Angel Community Standards

Our mission is to spread kindness through wearable, shareable, charitable products. Building an angel community is an important way to power our movement of putting kindness first. In this way, we hope to create the halo effect where girls and women of diversity can come together to lead #WithKindness. We do not support unkind and insensitive content. While we aim to be angelically hip with our lifestyle brand image, we do so with kindness and heart.



We reserve the right to remove any content and disable accounts where there is a violation of the above definition of kindness and the intent of what this platform conveys as being kind behavior. While no angel is perfect, we do expect you to wear your wings #WithKindness.

Keeping your Account and Personal Information Secure

We work hard to help keep your account secure and protect your personal information. By joining Angel Love, you agree to use your authentic name and identity. You may not publish the personal information of others without their consent.

Using your Authentic Identity: If we discover that you have multiple personal profiles, we may ask you to close the additional profiles. We also remove any profiles that impersonate other people.

Fraud & Spam: We work hard to help ensure that the information you share is secure. We reserve the right to investigate any suspected breach of security. Using misleading or inaccurate information to artificially collect followers, or shares is not allowed.

Protecting your Intellectual Property

Angel Love and all of its social media channels with the handle @angelovecrush offer places to share images and content focused on kindness. You own all of the content and information you post, however, before sharing content on Angel Love or on our social media handles, please be sure you have the right to do so. We ask that you respect copyrights, trademarks, and other legal rights.

Reporting Abuse

We strive to welcome angels to a community that is free from abusive content. To do this, we rely on angels like you. If you see something on Angel Love or on one of our social media channels under the handle @angellovecrush that you believe violates our terms, please report it to us.