Rock Your Kindness

KINDNESS is the new cool. Be an Angel. Rock it. Roll with it. Own it. Free it. Stand up for it. Pay it forward. Let it dance like you're @coachella.

The world is in a kindness recession. Even John Lennon couldn't "imagine" that 2018 would emerge as a time of fake news, negative news, social disconnection (in the "face" of digital connection), insensitivity, terrorism, cyberbullying and generally bad behavior. We're here to disrupt it #withkindness.

We know that kindness is innate in everyone and our mission is to #crushcruelty and inspire a movement to #rockyourbestkind. We're spreading that message through products that have wearable kindness (with embedded messages of kindness), shareable kindness (where you can post kind content and kind images on social media channels) and charitable kindness (where we can all pay kindness forward together because a percentage of proceeds from the sale of Angel Love products is donated to a chosen charity that promotes kindness).

7 billion different and diverse people live together on this planet. How cool is that? We can create a kinder living space together. Be kind to yourself and to others. Make kindness your lifestyle choice. Imagine if we all did...


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