Kindness is the Universal Language

KINDNESS is the universal language. It has no color, no ethnic barrier, no religious bias or economic status (it's free!). It's accessible to everyone because it's innate in all of us. Be an Angel. Rock it. Own it. Free it. Stand up for it. Give it wings. 

The world is in critical need of kindness right now. Even John Lennon couldn't "imagine" the current state of fake news, negative news, social disconnection (in the "face" of digital connection), insensitivity, terrorism, cyberbullying and generally bad behaviour. We need to break this cycle by raising children to be kind instead of telling them that the most important goal is to be happy because today's vision of happiness is all too often associated with wealth, material possessions and physical perfection at any cost. The price our planet is paying for this flawed inversion of happiness is immense. The real ROI - return on investment - is the ROK - return on kindness. The benefits of kindness are extensive. 

Join us in our mission is to restore humanity #withkindness. Over 7 billion different and diverse people live together on this planet. How cool is that? We can create a kinder living space together. Be kind to yourself and to others. Make kindness your lifestyle choice. Imagine if we all did...


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