Your Time to Rise - Oprah Winfrey #bethetruth

Halo Angels,

Oprah Winfrey's recent USC Annenberg Commencement speech 2018 is a calling to all angels. Her message beautifully and honestly communicates a response to the current climate of false news, disconnection, disingenuous and deceit:

"Don't match hysteria with hysteria. There is a solution in each and every one of you - an ambitious army of truthseekers. See through it and transcend it. Use this moment to push yourself into the rising of your life. Challenge the right, the left and the center. Exemplify honesty. The truth exonerates and convicts. It is our shield against corruption, greed and despair. Be the truth...".

Her entire commencement speech is provided in the You Tube video for you to listen to, learn from, be inspired by and rise up for.

Angels, Oprah is reinforcing our own Movement with this message. Please encourage every girl and woman you know in your circle of friends to sign onto our #WithKindness Movement on the homepage of our website - it takes five seconds to subscribe and it's free. When you become an angel, you become an activist and you spread kindness forward.

Be kind to yourself and to others

The AngelLove Team